Wings, cells

honey bee wing cell

Fore wing (upper) and hind wing (lower) of honey bee worker. Terminology based on Michener (2000) [1]. (scale bar = 1 mm)

c - cubital cell
c1 - first cubital cell
c2 - second cubital cell
f - fold on posterior margin of fore wing
h - hooks (hamuli) on anterior margin of hind wing
jl - jugal lobe
m - marginal cell
m1 - first medial cell
m2 - second medial cell
r - radial cell
s1 - first submarginal cell
s2 - second submarginal cell
s3 - third submarginal cell
vl - vannal lobe


  1. Michener C.D. (2000) The bees of the world. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore.