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honey bee, ommatidium

Ommatidium of honey bee. After Snodgrass (1956, fig. 99c) Anatomy of the honey bee,
, Ithaca, p.334, (1956)
[1], Goodmann (2003, fig. 2a) Form and function in the honey bee,
, Cardiff, p.220, (2003)

Axn - axon
bMb - basement membrane
CgCl - corneagenous cell
Cn - crystalline cone
Ln - lens
PgCl - pigment cell
RetCl - retinal cell
9RetCl - ninth retinal cell
Rhb - rhabdom

Ommatidia located in the dorsal part of honey bee eye differ from others Structural specialization in the dorsal retina of the bee, Apis mellifera,
Cell and tissue research
, Volume 162, Number 1, p.23–34, (1975)