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Use of images from this website

You can use images from free of charge if you provide them to others also free of charge. For example you can use the images in:

  • websites which are freely available,
  • master or doctoral thesis,
  • open access publications,
  • presentations (if they are given free of charge),
  • leaflets distributed by beekeeping organization among beekeepers free of charge.

If you use the images free of charge you are not allowed to modify them and you should give credits to this website: © Adam Tofilski,

It is not allowed to use the images without my permission for commercial purposes in particular in: books, publications without open access, public presentations for which you are paid and any advertisements or other marketing materials of commercial organizations.

If you want to edit the images or use them for commercial purposes, please ask my permission and offer me something. If you are not able to offer anything please to not ask me any questions related to your doubts about commercial nature of the images use or editing possibilities.

I had bad experience with some publishers.

If you want to use my images for commercial purpose please send me an email.